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With the birth of 'mirrorboard', from now on, a 'web address' is not just an โ€˜addressโ€™ to access a website, but a space where you can meet and chat with one another, just like an actual 'address' in real life.

'mirrorboard' is a communication tool that turns any website in the world into a space for communication. It would no longer matter even if some website doesn't provide any communication features (comments, etc.). There are as many spaces for communication as there are websites in the world on mirrorboard, and these spaces is our independent space for communication that cannot be controlled by web service providers.We call this independent communication space 'board'. Just like the blackboard, we can exchange information and opinions on our โ€˜boardโ€™ of mirrorboard.
There are currently two ways to access the mirrorboard.
1. Access via Chrome extension
When you are browsing the web and decide that vital discussion cannot be avoided, simply click the Chrome extension button while browsing that website. Click here to install the Chrome extension. It only takes a few seconds.

2. Write โ€˜mirrorboard.com/โ€™ in front of the URL of the website you are currently viewing and access

Write 'mirrorboard.com' at the beginning of the URL of the website you are viewing. For example, if you want to discuss on the board at 'http://www.google.com/', write 'mirrorboard.com' before googleโ€™s URL, therefore, becoming 'mirrorboard.com/http://www.google.com/'. You can access mirrorboard for any website in the world without any problems.
mirrorboard exists for freedom of expression.
Historically, humankind had been evolving through exchanging opinions, sometimes quarreling and agreeing with one another.
However, some webs remain as highly exclusive medium. Through the use of webs, we receive one-sided information or services. When we wish to express our opinions on the web, it should be possible at any time on any given web page.
In order to provide solution to this problem, mirrorboard supports freedom of expression and provides a space for free expression.

Expressions do not require Authority.
Only Responsibility exists in Expressions.
We need your help.
Please help mirrorboard to grow into a true 'Republic of Public Web'. If you would like to help directly, please do so through the methods listed below.
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